11th Session – USA vs Canada

May 3, 2010

We mastered the art of flying

Amazingly great turnout for the 11th session of W2FC! All the trash tweets between American Mark Gantt (The Bannen Way) and Canadian Ryan Copple (Riese the Series) brought out a crowd. Apart from Ryan and Mark, we had Kaleena Kiff, Galen Fletcher, Casey McKinnon, Rudy Jahchan, Barrett Garese, Bernard X., Frank Krueger, Bill C. and from Savate Team USA, Jeff Conley who co-ran the session with me. I know I’m leaving a couple of people out who attended and watched the session, but I’m blanking, having been clocked on the jaw a few too many times today.

Two hours of punching and kick techniques culminated in session where Jeff and I padded up and let people beat on us for 2 minutes at a time. But the real finale was the showdown between Mark and Ryan, um, wait…neither elected to fight, instead they appointed champions and Galen took on Jesse in the Battle of Riese vs Bannen. I’m calling it a draw, but click over to Flickr where we have a lot more photos from the event.

See you all next month.


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